Racist Magazine from Japan

Apparently many convenience stores have been selling a magazine entitled “Foreigners Underground Crime File”(Gaijin Hanzai Ura Fairu),which depicts foreigners in the most unflattering of terms, and as being responsible for 40,000 plus crimes every year.gaijin-hanzai-ura-fairu.jpg
What is particularly interesting though,is the debate within the foreign community,w/ one side calling for a ban on the magazine and a boycott of said stores,while the other side says something to the effect of, “this is Japan”,they can do this in their country,if you don’t like it,you can leave..

From our embedded reporter in Japan

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  1. I’ve not seen this magazine here in Japan but it doesn’t surprise me. There’s a growing leaning towards the Right from the top down, ranging from Abe’s cabinet to Tokyo Governor Ishihara (notoriously nationalistic). There’s a general resentment against “dekasegi” foriegners – i.e. those who come to Japan without skills or professions looking for work, a lot of mis-information being spread about crime statistics etc. Most of the negative focus is on immigrents from the Far Eastern countries and Africa, especially Chinese gangs etc, but for most Japanese foriegners are foriegners, nomatter where you hail from.

    The fact that this book is being sold in convenience stores is very surprising however, I must keep my eye out.


  2. Thank you John for you help in adding to this discussion. If you do discover more information please feel free to share it with us here at Professorstrange.com

    Dr.Horace Mothwing

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