Peter Callesen

Danish paper artist Peter Callesen not only creates large-scaled papercuts that leap, 3-D, off the page or wall, but he has also fashioned works on water and works on snow and ice! Often using fairytale imagery, Callesen’s work is not simply for children but engages the uncanny aspects of reality and perception (think Michel Gondry’s Science of Sleep). Callesen saysbigpapercastle1web.jpg this about his work: “A continual figure in my earlier performances and later drawings is The Dying Swan, who can be described as a hybrid between The Ugly Duckling and a human figure. The Dying Swan reveals different layers of identities, and often he strives for being somebody or somewhere else or tries to achieve the impossible – but is always confronted with reality and failure. He is not only a symbolic character. In his interaction and power-play with the audience his physical presence often creates an intense and uncomfortable atmosphere. In the drawings The Dying Swan creates his own universe, where he seems to be trapped in impossible situations and circles, dealing with death, rebirth, self-creation, and -destruction.”

Dr. Lily Truestocking

Peter Callesen’s Website

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