UK Daredevils Explore Tunnels Behind Natures Marvel Niagara Falls

There is a little known fact that an elaborate complex of tunnels lay behind the magestic Niagara Falls.

United Kingdom Daredevils from the website 28 Days Later, risk their lives to descend into the unknown to see what no man has laid eyes upon for decades; Niagara Falls from behind. Gentle reader take a moment to witness the record these adventrous souls brought back; a forgotten place deep in the bowels of the planet earth for all to see.

On the world wide web : 28 days Later

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Fascinating Glimpse into the World of Alchemy

I. Oxygen.
2. Hydrogen.
3. Nitrogen.
4. Carbon.
5. Sulphur.
6. Phosphorus
7. Gold.
8. Platinum.
9. Silver.

Professor Horace Mothwing

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Snakes Used to Detect Earthquakes

Snakes in the Orient are being used to detect earthquakes.
An excerpt taken from the British Broadcasting service :

Scientists in China say they have developed a new way of predicting earthquakes – by observing erratic behaviour in snakes.

Experts at the earthquake bureau in Nanning, in southern Guangxi province, monitor local snake farms via 24-hour internet video links.

The mystery is still afoot though as to where one might view the reptiles of genesis on the World Wide Web, in the interim please read from the following link : Snakes Used to Detect Earth Quakes

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Dog’s Head Kept Alive in bizarre 1940’s transplant

Gentle reader, if you are weak of stomach, or of a sensitive nature please go no further into the following Soviet era science film. This film was created in part of a cooperation between the United States of America and The Soviet Union in 1940. Please kind reader take a moment to witness the bizarre Mary Shelley-like monstrosity created before your eyes. Be forewarned once again, this is not for those faint of heart.

Dr. Horace Mothwing

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Moths drink the Tears of Birds

A group of scientists in Madagascar have spied a Moth Drinking the tears of a bird.


Dr. Yumi Nakamura

For more Information on the World Wide Web Please take the time to read this engaging article at:
New Scientist

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Giant Squid

A Japanese research team has made a moving picture of a giant squid. The ocean’s mysterious monster of the deep, was for centuries feared by ancient mariners, and in more recent times, our elusive maritime monsters was regarded as that of sea faring legend.giantsquid.jpeg Only until very recently, have our scientist been able to even capture these beasts of unknown fathoms. But now, gentle reader, thanks to the miracle of modern technology, you can gaze upon this creature alive and feeding in the waters of the mighty Pacific ocean.

Dr. Horace Mothwing

On the World Wide Web :

Giant Squid

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Scientists find dozens of new species in Borneo rainforests

Scientist have discovered 52 new species in Borneo.


Some of the animals include: tree frogs, and a small deer like creature. The scientists have also discovered new varieties of trees and plants and 16 new species of ginger root.

Dr. Horace Mothwing

Further reading on the World Wide Web:

World Wildlife Foundation

Borneo a treasure of Asia

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