The Return Of The Magnificent Airships ?

Gentle Reader,
Take a moment of your hectic day, to read and learn about these marvelous machines of they sky. Lockheed Martin as well as a number of private companies are developing a new generation of airships of both transport of cargo and transportation of humans. The graceful beauties of the air may one day be as common place as the jet plane.

Dr. Horace Mothwing

On the world wide web: Magnificent Airships

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The World is a Double Haunting.

Watch sea morph to poppies to séance to small doors that close in the night. Here is a constellation of video, music, and movement culled from that venerable repository of culture and curiosity, the worldwideweb.

Dr. Lilyfoil Squirreltease

The Future of Music

Gentle Reader witness the future of music.shot02.jpg These mechanical devices, create the most marvelous of acoustic delights. Take your time to marvel at the superb engineering involved in the metamorphosis of this machine from mere machine to a work of art.

Dr. Horace Mothwing

On the World Wide Web:

Reactable Website

Video of the Reactable being played by Chris Brown

Robert Moog the master of musical electronics playing the Reactable

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19th Century Wooden Robot

From our ancient people a robot from the orient made of wood.

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All of Playboy’s Centerfolds for you to view at once

What a marvelous angel of beauty to behold, these beautiful images produced by artist Jason Salavon, who constructs these photographs using the miracle of modern technology. Take a moment gentle reader, to gaze upon the magnificence of these truly splendid images, you will memorized and astonished, by their haunting beauty.

Every Playboy Centerfold the 1970’s (normalized)

Dr. Horace Mothwing

On the World Wide Web:

Jason Salavon

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