Racist Magazine from Japan

Apparently many convenience stores have been selling a magazine entitled “Foreigners Underground Crime File”(Gaijin Hanzai Ura Fairu),which depicts foreigners in the most unflattering of terms, and as being responsible for 40,000 plus crimes every year.gaijin-hanzai-ura-fairu.jpg
What is particularly interesting though,is the debate within the foreign community,w/ one side calling for a ban on the magazine and a boycott of said stores,while the other side says something to the effect of, “this is Japan”,they can do this in their country,if you don’t like it,you can leave..

From our embedded reporter in Japan

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Photo Taken at 12:01 AM in Kyoto Japan

From Our embedded reporter Dr. Besso Punkt
New Years Eve Kyoto Japan

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Merry Christmas from Our Embedded reporter in Japan

A Wonderful Photo from Japan.
Merry Christmas

Dr. Besso Punkt

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Giant Squid

A Japanese research team has made a moving picture of a giant squid. The ocean’s mysterious monster of the deep, was for centuries feared by ancient mariners, and in more recent times, our elusive maritime monsters was regarded as that of sea faring legend.giantsquid.jpeg Only until very recently, have our scientist been able to even capture these beasts of unknown fathoms. But now, gentle reader, thanks to the miracle of modern technology, you can gaze upon this creature alive and feeding in the waters of the mighty Pacific ocean.

Dr. Horace Mothwing

On the World Wide Web :

Giant Squid

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19th Century Wooden Robot

From our ancient people a robot from the orient made of wood.

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