Stuart Merrill Forgotten poet

Kenneth Rexroth once contrasted Stuart Merrill with Robert Frost and Edwin Arlington Robison saying “I do not care for Edwin Robinson or Robert Frost myself, so I would say that Stuart Merrill remained the best American poet until the end of the First World War, with the sole exception of Carl Sandburg.” stuart.jpg
In a veritable literary scandal, Merrill has been lost to time via gaping holes in history, politics, and language (he wrote in French). Thanks to the publishing acumen of Talisman Press, we can now engage with this poet via White Tomb, Merrill’s selected works (in translation) published in 1999. This is the first appearance of Merrill’s work in this country for over a century!

Dr. Lilly Bluestocking

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The White Tomb: Selected Writing

Read Laird Hunt’s translation of Merrill’s memories of Paul Verlaine complete with “rum and waters drunk”:

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